What We Do

The UBC Investigations Office:

  • Provides an impartial and trauma-informed process for resolving complaints in a manner consistent with the principles of natural justice
  • Receives reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination against members of the UBC community on both the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses
  • Assigns an investigator to investigate reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination
  • Ensures that investigations are non-adversarial, trauma-informed, and in compliance with procedural fairness
  • When appropriate, explores alternative resolution processes

Investigations Process:

The Director of Investigations provides oversight and guidance to the investigators to ensure that each investigation is conducted in a trauma-informed, confidential and respectful manner in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness. A trauma-informed investigation process means all parties will be treated fairly, respectfully and no one will be subject to cross examination or interrogation (as commonly seen in a criminal court trial).