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Q: Do I Have To Submit A Report To Receive Support From UBC?

No. UBC’s Sexual Violence Support Office is available for support regardless of whether you want to make a formal report to the IO.

Q: Why Does The Respondent Get A Copy Of The Report?

The IO is responsible for ensuring that investigations are fair. The IO provides a copy of the report to the respondent so that they know the allegations against them and have a meaningful opportunity to respond

Q: Can I Submit An Anonymous Report?

Yes, the IO accepts anonymous reports. However, in many cases, the IO is unable to investigate anonymous reports if important witnesses are not willing to participate in an investigation, or if the person who experienced the sexual misconduct does not want to be identified.

Q: How Does UBC Address Retaliation?

When the respondent is notified of the report, they are advised that retaliation is unacceptable. If a complainant experiences retaliation, they can report it to the IO under the Retaliation Policy. The IO may conduct a retaliation investigation or recommend interim measures to prevent further retaliation.

Q: What Is A Trauma-informed Approach?

The IO seeks to minimize re-traumatization in its processes. IO Investigators allow parties to explain what happened at their own pace, through open-ended questioning. IO Investigators also consider the impact that trauma has on memory and presentation of evidence when they make findings of fact.

Q: Who Will Know If Discipline Is Imposed?

The respondent will be advised of all disciplinary measures taken against them and receive written reasons for the discipline. The complainant will only be advised of disciplinary measures that relate to the respondent’s ability to have contact with them moving forward.

Q: How Long Does The Complaint Process Take?

The prescribed timelines in the Sexual Misconduct Policy are: the initial review can take up to 14 days, the investigation can take up to 60 days, and if there is found to be a breach of the policy the discipline decision can take up to 30 days. Logistical factors like caseload, interview scheduling, holidays, exam periods, and others can extend each phase of this timeline.